Flexible memberships providing access to Suite Genius based on your needs. All recur monthly.

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Community Genius

  • Access to the community and the option to book workspace.
  • 1 day/mth of workspace
  • 1 hr/mth of meeting rooms
  • Professional mailing address
  • New mail notifications
  • Address at either location

Virtual Genius

  • Part-time access to our locations during weekdays.
  • 4 days/mth of workspace
  • 2 hrs/mth of meeting rooms
  • 9am to 5pm weekday access
  • Add more days at $25/day
  • 8 days/mth plan for $220/mth

Shared Genius

  • Full time access to either location during the work week.
  • Unlimited weekdays
  • 8 hrs/mth of meeting rooms
  • 8:30am until late access
  • Shared workspace access
  • Discounted event rentals

Perma Genius

  • Private dedicated desk with 24/7 access to one location.
  • Private desk
  • 10 hrs/mth of meeting rooms
  • Private storage
  • 24/7 access
  • Discounted event rentals

Private Office

  • A private office for your team at one of our locations.
  • Private office space
  • 12 hrs/mth of meeting rooms
  • Secure office storage
  • 24/7 access
  • Discounted event rentals
* Additional pricing details and other amenities below. All memberships recur monthly.

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Amenities Included

Some common amenities that are included in all memberships and locations:

  • High ceilings, spacious open floor plans, and lots of natural light
  • High quality ergonomic chairs seated at wood tables
  • Comfy lounge and kitchen with Suite a** coffee!
  • Dedicated phone “booths” for private calls
  • High speed internet and wireless printer/scanner

Use Both Locations

Choose an SG ‘homebase’ for where you will spend the bulk of your time but you are welcome to work from either location with any of our memberships. This includes event rental discounts and meeting rooms at each location!

Coworking Visa

All members of Suite Genius are entitled to 1-3 free days at any of the coworking visa locations worldwide. We’re excited to be part of the largest global network of coworking spaces.
View Coworking Visa Map & Learn More

*Pricing Details

$550/mo  –  month to month

$525/mo  –  6 months

$495/mo  –  12 months

50% discount on event space rental

$350/mo  –  month to month

$325/mo  –  6 months

$295/mo  –  12 months

24/7 access  –  additional $50/mo

50% discount on event space rental


Desk space subject to availability

Additional day passes at $25/day

Option for 8 days/month Virtual plan for $220/mth (includes 4 hours of meeting room access)

25% discount on event space rental

Allotted days can’t be split into half days and each day pass is considered one day of use.


Just need a day pass? The Day Genius gives you full access to all amenities from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Please contact us to confirm availability.

Prices range depending on specific office.

Small office – 1 to 3 people
Medium office – 3 to 4 people
Large office – 4 to 6 people
Largest office – 6 to 7 people

Learn more about our private offices