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Coworking Visa

One Membership. One World.

We’re excited to be part of the largest global network of coworking spaces.

All members of Suite Genius are entitled to 1-3 free days at any of these coworking visa locations.



Have you heard of the Coworking Visa? Suite Genius is proud to participate in this international initiative that accommodates mobile workers in participating locations all over the world.

With more than 200 participating spaces, including more than 100 in our nearby neighbours, the U.S., the Coworking Visa is an amazing program working to meet the needs of a new work force. Terms of use vary from space to space so be sure to check the terms for the space you want to visit.

Suite Genius’s participation in the Coworking Visa extends active members of any other participating space access to Suite Genius space for up to three days. View full list of participants on the Coworking Wiki, including participants and terms for each location.